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Email acquisition and mail lists :- 

> The income generated by your email marketing is directly related to the quality of your email address list.At the heart of that exceptional growth is a powerful email acquisition strategy.We give the best strategies that capture email addresses at a variety of locations and use customized messaging to motivate participation in the marketing program Depending on your specific needs, we craft a variety of pop-ups encouraging visitors to sign up for your mailing list. The benefits of our pop-ups are twofold. They increase conversions and provide valuable customer insights. Once visitors enter their email address, you can capture their session, see what products and categories they viewed, and follow up with relevant, targeted offers.

Custom email template designs:-

> Tell us about your business and marketing goals. We will build you a unique template from scratch with special content blocks and settings. We’ve also built custom email design templates for global brands, e-shops, startups and many other successful businesses.

> Engaging promotional copy creation

> Email scheduling and tracking



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