Instagram Also Rolls Out In-App Local Business Profile Pages

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> The pages look very much like Google local knowledge panels.

> In Instagram Page While Having business address, hours, contact information, and website.



> The link to the business’s on Instagram profile prominently at the top of the page

> The location and tapped on a large button reading “View Information.”

> Coustmer Can claim a business profile page if they also have access to the business’s Facebook page.

The a profile page will grant users the ability to edit the business information.



> Instagram has not yet been officially announced by the company, and as I mentioned before I’m not able to replicate it.

So I’m not sure how widely the business profile pages are being rolled out at this point, but there’s evidence that at least some users are seeing them.



How To Promote a Local Business on Instagram ?

Check Below 12 Tag Lines To Follow In Instagram Users

1 Go with the Trends

2 High Quality Images

3 Focus on Localized Hashtags

4 Include a Link in Your Bio

5 Create Professional, Creative Content

6 Geotag Your Posts

7 Track & Measure Your Efforts Constantly

8 Participate, Participate, Participate

9 Strengthen Your Instagram Community By Reposting Local Content

10 Maintain a Consistent Brand Identity

11 Avoid Blanket Posting

12 Demonstrate Your Local Lifestyle

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